"How To Create More Profits In Less Time Through Instant Teams & Scalable Systems

(...WITHOUT Hiring Another Jack-of-All Trade Virtual Assistant,  Being An Expert In Everything, or Making The Next Decision Alone...phew...)"

A Business Can't Create Value Without You Unless It Is Scalable, Sustainable, and Replicable.

TEAMsourcing checks these 3 boxes no matter your industry, your size, or your current team structure

We expertly understand what phase of business you are in and work with you to map out your ideal experiences for your customers, employees, and strategic partners based on your current needs and pain points. 

Then we identify how to execute on the proposed plan. It can be a combination of your in-house team, outsourced through us, or a hybrid of both. 

We are committed to doing what is best for you and your company's growth.  


Teamsourcing came about by our Founder, Mia Paulus, constantly asking the question over the last 15 years within the outsourcing space "How do we solve the problems business owners are facing?" 

The solutions available today haven't caught up with the needs of growing businesses. 

Mia Paulus, our founder, has tested all the solutions out there and found that none of them were scalable, sustainable, and replicable and that turnover, hiring, and training was killing momentum. 

She created a scalable solution that now serves clients  as small as startups and as large as Fortune 500 accounts. She found the playing field has been leveled for all sizes and all industries. 

We expertly understand what phase of business you are in and work with you to map out your ideal experiences for your customers, employees, and strategic partners based on your current needs. 

She's taken the 80% that is the same in every business and created replicable systems that can create massive growth and momentum so businesses can hyper-focus on their unique 20%

Business is so fast paced she knew businesses would lose if they had to spend time and energy reinventing the wheel or learning from the school of hard knocks. 

Mia created a better way...


Combines The Benefits Of An In-House TEAM With The Benefits of  Outsourcing to get you the skills you need when you need them while only paying for the fraction that you need them!

takes care of the...

80% that is the same in EVERY business so you don't have to reinvent the wheel allowing you to create massive momentum and innovation on the 20% that is your core

You Deserve More TIME To Be The... Entrepreneur. Visionary. CEO. Dreamer

The Centr Is Your Trusted Guide!

Start Autopiloting Your Business Through TEAMsourcing

...And Get Your Business To Run (Grow) Without You!

You Deserve More MONEY To Have The... Freedom

You Deserve More JOY To Have The... Abundant Life


Build Brand 

  • Brand Position (Internal & External Perspective)
  • Brand Highlight Guide
  • Branded Marketing Materials

Engage And Educate Leads

  • Online Web Presence
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation & Repurposing

Nurture Prospects Into Sales

  • Lead Follow-up Sequences
  • Appointment Setter/Lead Qualifier & Sales Closers
  • Customer Onboarding & Accounts Receivable

Delight Customers 
And Vendors

  • Customer Journey & Process Creation
  • Omni-Channel Customer Support Via Phone, Texts & Web
  • Financial Accounting Operations
Employee Experience

Attract And Retain 

  • Job Postings & Screening
  • Employee Onboarding, Human Resources & Payroll
  • Employee Engagement & Recognition

Here’s 5 PROVEN Areas That Will Give You a MASSIVE Return On Time and Investment!

Without You Having To Choose Between Growth In Your Company or Freedom In Your Life


To build a solid brand identity you need to have a strong foundation. We help you establish an internal and external brand position and create cohesive branded marketing materials.  


Businesses live and die on marketing efforts. That is why we help you attract, engage and educate leads. We do this through amazing hooks, great messaging, and on point offers.  Tag us in.


Your leads won’t turn into sales if they aren’t nurtured but doing so can take a lot of time. We help ensure those valuable leads are followed-up with. Whether we are setting appointments, qualifying leads or closing the sale we help  maximize your sales by showing up. We also assist in onboarding new customers and accounts receivable.


We don’t just serve customers, we delight them by creating a seamless customer journey for your business. We offer omni-channel customer support through phone, texts, email, social replies & web chat to meet your customers where they are. We help establish, organize and maintain your finance operations to create a smooth cash flow that will excite both you and your customers.


Attracting and retaining employees is of paramount importance to business success. Let us help you with job posting and screening to get the BEST employees. With our help you can have an employee engagement and recognition program to KEEP the best employees. Then wrap it up with a bow by no longer having to worry about employee onboarding, or being an expert in human resources and payroll.

So Ask Yourself…

If You Didn't Have To Be The Expert In One (or Any) of the Five PROVEN Areas...

Or Go At It Alone... 
Or Have To Train A Team... 
Or Absorb The Cost Of Turnover...

How Much Would That Be Worth To You? __________

...Enough To Say "Maybe" To TEAMsourcing?

What Others Are Saying

Client of 
8 Years

By the way, you guys are awesome! I wish I would have known about this service a long time ago. The disruptions and time that you have saved me are worth their weight of gold.
Brad Fackrell  
Fackrell Masonry and Construction

Client of 
12 Years

My clients actually believe that your receptionists are in the office with me and are a part of my staff, even though they are thousands of miles away. 
Dewayne Queen  
CPA, DQ Tax Service, Maryland

Getting it done!
Client of 
7 Years

Tara, I know I speak for everyone on the team when I say we appreciate all that you and your team do for us! Short notice, no notice, or routine business–you come through and are an integral part of keeping us connected with our donors. 
Rachel S.  
Center Operations Manager, Grifols

Embrace The Uncomfortable!

I was searching for “Teamsourcing” in Google not even knowing if a solution like this existed. I’m so glad your ad showed up right when I needed you.
Kamillah El-Amin 
Al Maa'uun Non-Profit & Masjid An Nur, Minneapolis

Scalable, Replicable, Sustainable

The Centr’s ability to scale has been  impressive. I’ve used their services to support everything from a startup in need of assistance with admin and marketing tasks to supporting thousands of my customers across 50+ locations 7 days a week in 4 time zones.  
Drew Schneider
Secure Transfusion Services

A Collaborative and Innovative Approach

Teamsourcing is the future.
Elijah Stevens 
Stargazer Media

What Grifols is Saying About Us... 

(Client of 8 Years and Counting...)

Customer and Employee Experience Progams

Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity to implement The Centr’s services in two different companies that varied dramatically in size.

The Centr’s ability to scale has been impressive. I’ve used their services to support everything from a startup in need of assistance with admin and marketing tasks to supporting thousands of my customers across 200+ locations 7 days a week in 4 time zones.

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, I consistently receive the same high-level customer service. They are not a vendor, they are a partner committed to your success and continuous improvement.
--- Drew S. 
Vice President of Business Systems, Grifols


You No Longer Have To Choose...
between growth in your company Or Freedom in your life. 

With TEAMOutsourcing You Can Do It All!
Find Out How

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3. Embrace The Uncomfortable
4. Build Others Up

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Teamsourcing is the future.
Elijah Stevens 
Stargazer Media

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